Providing the highest quality seafood has been an obsession, a passion… and the hallmark of Icicle Seafoods. Since our beginning as a cannery in Petersburg, Alaska our unwavering dedication has driven Icicle to cultivate one of the most diverse product lines in the industry. Our family of employees embrace this commitment to quality and diversity. From the fisherman handling salmon in the icy waters of Alaska, to our customer-oriented sales department, our passion for seafood is infused into every point of contact. As we plan for the future, we reflect on our past and rededicate ourselves to upholding Icicle’s long tradition of quality.

Wild Alaska Salmon

Each year millions of salmon are harvested in the coastal waters of the North Pacific, and a large share of the catch is processed by Icicle Seafoods, Inc. Icicle's strategically located facilities and fleets of floating processors provide HACCP quality processing that is rated among the best in the industry.


With three floating processors and three shore plants, Icicle is one of the largest producers of Alaska Crab in all three varieties: King Crab, Snow Crab, and Dungeness Crab. Seasonal and Retail products are available frozen or raw in various grades, forms, sizes, and species.


Highly prized for it's versatility and mild flavor, pollock applications range from high-volume quick service restaurants, to retail breaded programs.


Icicle Seafoods is the world's leading processor of Pacific halibut. Fresh and frozen halibut are available headed and gutted, trimmed or untrimmed in various grades, forms, and sizes.

Pacific Cod

Black Cod or Sable Fish is available dressed, head off, Japanese style, smoked or steaks in various quality and sizes.

Black Cod/Sablefish

Black Cod or Sable Fish is available dressed, head off, Japanese style, smoked or steaks in various quality and sizes.

Fish Roe

Fish Roe has long been a staple in Asian and European diets and is increasingly becoming popular in the US market where consumption of sushi is gaining favor.

Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon and Trout

Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon and Trout are aquaculture based products available frozen or fresh in various forms and sizes.Contact an Icicle Representative.

Other Products

Rockfish, Perch, Ling Cod, Sole are a few other species of seafood that are also available. Contact an Icicle Representative.