Black Top “Black Top” is a leading brand of Canned Salmon in the Southeastern and Mid-West United States. It is known for its consistently superior quality and can be found packed in several different species and sizes. “Black Top” is packed from wild salmon in a traditional style (skin and bones included) as well as our new skinless boneless style.

Red Salmon

This is the premium Canned Salmon. Reds (also known as Sockeye Salmon) have a rosy color and firm texture. Our Red Salmon is an excellent choice for dishes (pastas, salads, or straight from the can) where color and flavor are keys to the presentation.

Black Top Red Salmon is packed in 14.75 oz and 7.5 oz cans.

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Pink SalmonBLACK TOP
Pink Salmon

Black Top Pink Salmon is popular because of its flavor, texture, and value. It has a softer texture and milder flavor than our Red Salmon. Our Black Top Pink Salmon lends itself to a wide array of dishes such as pastas, sandwiches, casseroles, and the traditional salmon croquettes.

Black Top Pink Salmon is packed in 14.75 oz and 7.5 oz cans.

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Chum SalmonBLACK TOP
Chum Salmon

Black Top Chum Salmon (also known as Keta Salmon) is the best value of all our Canned Salmon.

Our Chum Salmon is packed in a 14.75 oz can and is ideal for use in any hot dishes.

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Skinless & Boneless SalmonBLACK TOP
Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon

Historically, all Salmon was packed with Skin and Bone included. Under our Black Top brand we have developed a Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon pack (6 oz can). Our Black Top Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon can be used in any of your favorite tuna recipes (i.e., sandwiches, salads, dips, etc.). You have the ease of tuna with the flavor and health benefits of salmon.

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